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Hedge funds are a type of investment that have the potential to make investors high profit returns on all capital they put into them. The potential high returns from hedge funds can make them really popular with investors yet as with any kind of financial investment there is always the possibility that the capital invested can be lost.

The Infiniti Group is a Swiss, conservative, global financial services conglomerate with companies, offices and representation in all of the world’s major financial centres. Our head office is located in Zurich, Switzerland; which was selected for its financial strength and stability, quality of infrastructure and international reputation for excellence.

Infiniti Capital evolved from a European family’s highly successful private investment programme. The group now employs a substantial team of highly skilled and motivated professionals, selected on the basis of their outstanding proven track records in their respective areas of expertise. Our tradition of excellence dates back to 1994 and we maintain active partnerships with some of the strongest names in the finance and banking industryking today.

Infiniti is a market leader in the provision of innovative client driven solutions for institutional investors in five main areas: fund of hedge funds, structured products/product design, capital markets/securitisation, private equity investment and, most importantly, the creation of bespoke solutions to meet specific client objectives.

Infiniti pioneered performance-fee-only investment management which created total alignment of manager and investor interests for the first time in industry history – in which our sole basis for remuneration being the generation of net new profits for investors.

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